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Books About Laurel & Hardy

Laurel & Hardy - The Magic Behind The Movies
By Randy Skretvedt

March Of The Wooden Soldiers: The Amazing Story of Laurel & Hardy's Babes in Toyland
by  Randy Skretvedt


Laurel & Hardy - Movie Scripts

Annotated By Randy Skretvedt


Laurel & Hardy  

By John McCabe, Al Kilgore and Richard W. Bann

Mr. Laurel & Mr. Hardy  

By John McCabe

The Comedy World Of Stan Laurel

By John McCabe

Babe - The Life Of Oliver Hardy

By John McCabe

Laurel & Hardy - From The Forties Forward

By Scott MacGillivray

Laurel or Hardy:

The Solo Films Of

Stan Laurel and Oliver "Babe" Hardy

By Rob Stone

The Films Of Laurel and Hardy

By William K. Everson

The Lighter Side Of Laurel & Hardy

A Pictoral History

By A. J. Marriot

Laurel & Hardy - The British Tours

By A. J. Marriot

Laurel and Hardy - The U. S. Tours

By A. J. Marriot

Laurel and Hardy - The European Tours

By A. J. Marriot

Laurel & Hardy On Stage

Edited By John Tefteller

Exclusive Essays By

Randy Skretvedt and Peter Mikkelsen


Laurel & Hardy

On The Radio & On The Phone

Edited By John Tefteller

Exclusive Essays by

Leonard Maltin

Michael Feinstein

Richard W. Bann

Kristina Polacek-Lang

George Mazzey

Spot On!

An Audio Visual Account of Laurel & Hardy's

1952 British Tour

By Michael Ehret with Nico Cartenstadt

The Laurel & Hardy Encyclopedia

By Glenn Mitchell

The Laurel & Hardy Book

Edited by Leonard Maltin

The Laurel & Hardy Scrapbook

By Jack Scagnetti

The Art Of Laurel & Hardy

Graceful Calamity In The Films 

By Kyp Harness

The Final Film Of Laurel And Hardy

By Norbert Aping

 Laurel & Hardy

By Charles Barr

A Spot Of Trouble In Southend

Laurel & Hardy

Memories Of Their Visit In 1952

By Roger Robinson

Stan - The Life Of Stan Laurel

By Fred Lawrence Giles

Laurel & Hardy 

Pocket Essentials Film

By Brian J. Robb

Another Nice Mess

The Laurel & Hardy Story

By Raymond Valinoti, Jr.

Movie Publicity Showcase

Laurel & Hardy Films

(22 Volumes)

By I. Joseph Hyatt

What Was The Film When?

The Movies Of Laurel & Hardy 

By Mark Potts and Dave Shephard

Laurel & Hardy In "Big Quizness" 

By Robert McFerren and Tracie McFerren

Laurel & Hardy - Quote Unquote

By Neil Grant

The Laurel & Hardy Music Book

Music From The Movies: Laurel & Hardy

By The Music Theatre Guild

Arrangements By Ronnie Hazelhurst

Laurel & Hardy - Life & Magic

By Harry Hoppe

A Fine Mess!

Verbal And Visual Gems From

The Crazy World Of Laurel & Hardy 

Edited by Richard J. Anobile

50 Laurel & Hardy Movie Posters

By Abby Books Movie Poster Collection

Laurel & Hardy - Movie Posters Book

Volume Two

By Greg Lenburg

Laurel & Hardy's Advertising Antics

By Antony and Joanne Mitchell-Waite

The Laurel & Hardy Digest

A Cocktail Of Lore, Love And Hisses 

Served By Willie McIntyre

The Laurel & Hardy Stock Company

By Leo M. Brooks

Laurel & Hardy - A Bio-Bibliography

By Wes D. Gehring

Stan Without Ollie

The Stan Laurel Solo Films

By James L. Neibaur and Ted Okuda

Laurel Before Hardy

By Jenny Owen-Pawson and Bill Mouland

Stan and Ollie  - The Roots Of Comedy

By Simon Louvish

The Boys  

The Cinematic World Of Laurel And Hardy 

By Scott Allen Nollen


The Making Of Laurel & Hardy 
By Danny Lawrence

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