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The Little Rascals - The Life and Times of Our Gang

by Leonard Maltin and Richard W. Bann

Hot Toddy

The True Story Of Hollywood's Most Sensational Murder

by Andy Edmonds

Smile When The Raindrops Fall 

The Story Of Charley Chase

by Brian Anthony and Andy Edmonds

                                     Frame-Up!                                      The Untold Story of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle

by Andy Edmonds


                                Bugsy's Baby                                    The Secret Life Of Mob Queen Virginia Hill
by Andy Edmonds

Henry Brandon

King Of The Bogeymen

by Bill Cassara & Richard S. Greene


  Edgar Kennedy

Master Of The Slow Burn

by Bill Cassara

  Nobody's Stooge - Ted Healy

by Bill Cassara

  Vernon Dent - Stooge Heavy

by Bill Cassara

 Charlie Chaplin

by John McCabe

Little Elf

       A Celebration of Harry Langdon       by Chuck Harter and Michael J. Hayde

Buster Keaton

       Cut To The Chase       

by Marion Meade

Mack Sennett's Fun Factory    

by Brent E. Walker

Harold Lloyd 

Magic In A Pair Of Horn Rimmed Glasses  

by Annette D'Agostino Lloyd

              Man On The Flying Trapeze                  The Life And Times Of WC Fields  

by Simon Louvish

            Monkey Business                 

The Lives And Legends Of The Marx Brothers

by Simon Louvish

         Sex In The Cinema                

The Pre-Code Years (1929-1934)

by Lou Sabini


by William J. Mann

100 Years Of Brodies With Hal Roach

By Craig Calman

This Is More Than I Can Stand

Biography Of Charlie Hall

By John Ullah

Mabel Normand

The Life and Career of a Hollywood Madcap

By Timothy Dean Lefler

Silent Echoes

Discovering Early Hollywood 

Through The Films Of Buster Keaton

By John Bengston

Silent Traces

Discovering Early Hollywood 

Through The Films Of Charlie Chaplin

By John Bengston

Silent Visions

Discovering Early Hollywood and New York 

Through The Films Of Harold Lloyd

By John Bengston

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